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We’ve built our business by helping people find easy to understand information about using the web and the tools that go with it. We’ve adopted the “travelers” lifestyle and tool around the country in our 40 foot RV. We love this life and have found many friends and seen amazing sites by travelling this way. We’ve also found that many of our fellow travellers are using the same web-tools that we are and many would like some instruction.


To meet these needs we’ve created a number of sites. At www.geeksontour.tv you’ll find our membership site where members access tutorial videos on a number of computer topics. You can remember this site by the .tv which we like to say is for “Tutorial Videos”. Even if you aren’t a member you can find great info on this site. Also, we always make the first three tutorials on a topic open to the general public. Membership only costs $70.00 per year and includes all videos on all topics!


We’ve had so much fun travelling and taking pictures of the many scenic sites along the way that we have become experts in using the photo archiving and manipulating software — Picasa. Picasa is free software which you can download from Google and we love it. Our site www.picasageeks.com offers articles almost every week on tips and tricks for using Picasa. Members at www.geeksontour.tv find many tutorial videos on Picasa also.