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Except for attending the FMCA Western Area Rally in Indio, California, we've been living a very settled life here in Palm Creek. We're presenting seminars, supporting the Wi-Fi network, and generally helping the park and the residents with their computer needs. We have a couple more rallies coming up in February: The Gypsy Journal Rally Feb 11-15 right here in Casa Grande, and the big FMCA International Convention Feb 25-28 in Pomona, CA. Keep track of us by watching our blog at:

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  • Article #1 discusses Google Advanced Searches.
  • Article #2 is about Recovering Deleted Photos.
  • Article #3 is about Cut, Copy, Paste and learning from our video tutorials

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Google Advanced Searches

As I'm sure you already know, Google is the best way to find information on *anything*. Just go to and type in your search terms. If you're using Internet Explorer 7, you don't even need to go to since there is a search field in the upper right corner at all times. Check out the tutorial video on IE7 if you want to learn more. Anyway, I was searching for information on the cellular technology called HSDPA the other day. Google found over a million articles for me, and I started reading them. After the first couple, I realized that it was old information. The articles had been written in 2005.

It was important to me to be reading about the current state of affairs, 2005 information was a complete waste of time. So, I went back to the Google search screen and clicked on the link to 'Advanced Search.'

Google Advanced Search

That takes me to the following screen with lots of options. The one that I used is 'Date.' I chose the option to only show me results where the web pages were first seen with the past 3 months. Much better results!

Google Advanced Search


Recovering Deleted Photos

If you want to see someone cry, ask them about the time they lost all the digital photos on their camera, or on their computer! It happens to all of us at some time. Photos are precious, that is why we preach backups. If you haven't watched the video on Picasa's backup feature - go do it now!

But what if you accidentally erased the photos from your camera card before you transferred them into the computer? First thing you do is stop taking pictures! Once you put a new picture on the card, it can overwrite the space where the deleted photo was. Next, you get a program like PC Inspector Smart Recovery. This is a free program and it works.

You will need to put your camera's card into a card reader so that it appears to your computer as a drive letter. Using a cable to connect the camera to the computer won't work. If you don't have a card reader, you can buy one inexpensively. Here are some examples of card readers. You may even be able to pick one up at Walmart. Once you have your camera's card in the reader and it's being recognized by your computer, you can start the PC Inspector program and follow the instructions to recover your files.

Cut, Copy, Paste ... again

I've written about this in a previous newsletter, but I think it's important enough to repeat. Every computer user should know how to use the Edit features of Cut, Copy, and Paste. And, the related Undo feature as well. To learn how, view the video.

I decided to revisit this topic after teaching a session of my hands-on computer class last night. The topic was text editing, and all 5 students told me they had never used cut, copy, or paste before. After watching the video, all 5 completed an exercise where they performed a copy successfully. This was with no further help from me! Just watching the video and doing the exercise. I was impressed! You can do it too. Here's the video on Cut, Copy, and Paste.

If the video does not play well over your Internet connection, you can purchase the Video Tutorials on CD or DVD and I will ship it to you.


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